Ergun Caner
Ergun Caner - Liar The Scandal and Controversy

Ergun Caner professed to be a former muslim trained to do what was done on Sept 11 (more here - link opens in a new window). However, it appears that everything that has come out of Ergun Caner's mouth after 9-11 is a lie.
Now, before I move forward I would like to say that I am not telling you that Ergun was not raised by a muslim or converted to Christianity, I am saying that he is a liar about some of his life and it appears this was done to make him and his brother wealthy after 9-11. If this is not true, then why did Ergun Caner not preach these same sermons and make himself known as a former muslim terrorist when he preached at Aurora Baptist Church in Aurora Colorado or Wood Baptist in Wood NC before 9-11. You see, Ergun saw a chance to make money off 9-11 and he has done so quite nicely off of this made up persona and his lies.

Ergun lied about his madrassa being in Beirut (click here - link opens in a new window), he lied about coming to America in 1978 (his own brother (click here for video - link opens in a new window) says they came in 1969 and Ergun told an AP reporter during an interview in 2002 that he came to America in 1969) and learning to speak English from watching Sesame Street and was held back a grade due to his problems speaking English. However, since he actually came to America in 1969, he grew up here and he is actually quite fluent in English (click here and watch the video - link opens in a new window).

Ergun Caner lied about his father having many wives. He had two wives in his life. His first wife Monica (Ergun's mom) and the second woman he later married after his divorce from Monica.

He says his father in law (Braxton Morris) is from "Possum Kill" North Carolina near Smithfield. Another Ergun Caner lie! You see, there is no "Possum Kill" North Carolina, there is a Smithfield, but not a Possum Kill. How do I know, I am from North Carolina and have family in Smithfield NC. Need proof, check the maps.

He says his Father in Law (Braxton Morris) gave him moon shine and got him drunk at church before a service. However, according to a comment by his own brother in law (click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for the comment - link opens in a new window) , Ergun Caner lied about that as well. Which means that this video (link opens in a new window) claiming that his mother in law ripped the head off a chicken (at time mark 20:45 ) when she fixed the meal to celebrate the engagement of Ergun and Jill must be a lie as well.
WOW, he must really respect, love and honor his wife and her family if he is willing to throw her parents under the bus. The lie about his mother in law is not that bad, but telling people that his father in law got him drunk before church. That his father in law, a respected leader in his church rides around with moonshine (illegal by the way) in his truck. Does he not even see how that makes his father in law look in the eyes of others. Does he even care? I could go on and on and on, but think I will stop.
Think about one thing for a second. If Ergun Caner will tell lies about his in-laws while preaching the Word of God, how can we believe what he says about his own past.

Now, your going to find those that support him and are die hard supporters. However, if you research Dr Ergun Caner, you will see that there are plenty of lies and half-truths that he has told. If you look at the facts and the truth and the legal documents; you will see that the truth has been revealed about Caner and it is a hard pill to swallow. In my eyes, the man is a liar and fraud. You can view the facts that have been discovered about Ergun Caner here (link opens in a new window)

You know that it is really sad that a man who had an awesome testimony already had to lie to make himself in to some thing that he was not in order to become a famous and wealthy pastor. You see in my eyes, the fact that Jesus Christ laid his life for men and women like Caner, myself and every other human being on this earth is a testimony. The fact that Ergun Caner was saved is an awesome testimony. Why is that no good enough?